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The Ontario Brain Institute is a not-for-profit organization that accelerates discovery and innovation, benefiting both patients and the economy. Our collaborative ‘team science’ approach promotes brain research, commercialization and care by connecting researchers, clinicians, industry, patients, and their advocates to improve the lives of those living with brain disorders. Welcome to Brain Central. Funding provided, in part by, the Government of Ontario.

Letters from the Executive Team.fr

“OBI’s end goal of improving brain health, is realized by moving science and innovation from the lab, and into the community. Lab to life, if you will. To truly empower and impact a person’s life, we must offer them the knowledge, tools, and resources to better care for themselves. This approach seems to be working. Building on the government’s investment, OBI has leveraged an additional $327M into its three core pillars of research, commercialization and care, leading to remarkable results.”

Hugh MacKinnon, Board Chair Marcia Moffat, Vice-Chair

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“Our confidence in a collaborative approach to science has been all the more strengthened during the current time of a pandemic, as we continued to be smart and nimble with our time and resources towards impact. We intend to maintain this momentum in the years to come.“

Dr. Tom Mikkelsen, President & Scientific Director

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Impact at a Glance

Over the course of the year, OBI’s strategic partnerships and collaborations have yielded significant results in the field of brain health and improving the lives of those living with brain disorders.

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Culture at OBI

Taking care of your brain begins with just six aspects of everyday life - from what we eat, to how we sleep, and everything in between. Take our quiz to learn more about brain health and find out how staff at OBI practice what we preach!



Board of Directors

Hugh MacKinnon

Board Chair
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Bennett Jones LLP

Marcia Moffat


Managing Director - Country Head of Canada


Tom Mikkelsen

President & Scientific Director

Ontario Brain Institute

Joyce Barretto

Interim Executive
Stikeman Elliott

Heather Chalmers

President and Chief Executive Officer

GE Canada

Susan M. Fitzpatrick


James S. McDonnell Foundation

Michael Horgan

Senior Advisor

Bennett Jones LLP

Diane Kazarian

Managing Partner, GTA & National Bank Leader

PwC Canada

Michelle Khalili

Managing Director and Head - Global Equity Capital Markets


Jeff Lozon

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Lozon Associates

Kyle MacDonald

Portfolio Manager

Gallant MacDonald - CIBC, Co-founder Capitalize for Kids

J.W. (James) McGuire

Former SVP Global Operations & Procurement


David Sharma


TELUS Enterprise & Partner Solutions

Todd Vienneau

Senior Director - Global Medical Affairs

Insulet Corporation

Councils & Committees.fr

Martin Buxon

Brunel University

Brenda Flaherty

The Change Foundation

Anas El Turabi

McKinsey & Company

Richard Ellenson

Kathryn Graham

Alberta Innovates

Cara Altimus

Milken Institute

Dr. Ann Cavoukian

Executive Director, Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre (former 3-term Privacy Commissioner of Ontario)

Dr. Sean Hill

Director, Krembil Centre for Neuroinformatics, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Dr. Charles Peck

Neuroinformatics Consultant, Chief Scientist, Neuromentix

Dr. Gary Bader

Professor, Ontario Research Chair in Biomarkers of Disease

Dr. John Mattison

Assistant Medical Director & Chief Medical Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Dr. Patrick Martin

Professor Emeritus, School of Computing, Queen’s University

Dr. Daniel Zikovitz

Principal Solutions Architect

Dr. Rodrigo Lopez

Web Production, European Bioinformatics Institute

Dr. Vince Calhoun

Founding Director, Tri-Institutional Center for Translational Research in Neuroimaging and Data Science (TReNDS), Georgia State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University