• Tom Mikkelsen

    President & Scientific Director
  • John Clarkson

    Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Elizabeth Theriault

    Vice President, Research & Informatics
  • Kirk Nylen

    Director, Knowledge Translation and Outreach
  • Garth Smith

    Director, Industry Relations
  • Jordan Antflick

    Manager, Knowledge Translation
  • Brendan Behan

    Program Lead, Informatics & Analytics
  • Teige Bourke

    Coordinator, Communications
  • Paula Capela

    Program Coordinator, Research Programs
  • Ricky Chan

    Senior Program Lead, Industry Relations
  • David Comartin

    Program Lead, Research Programs
  • Anna Han

    Program Lead, Industry Relations
  • Stephanie Holbik

    Manager, Operations
  • Jessica Jordao

    Program Lead, Research Programs
  • Fatima Khan

    Senior Program Lead, Communications
  • Lucia Kwan

    Program Lead, Operations
  • Shannon Lefaivre

    Program Lead, Informatics Governance
  • Sibel Naska

    Program Lead, Research Programs
  • Lucas Ng

    Program Lead, Industry Relations
  • Jenine Paul

    Program Lead, Knowledge Translation
  • Sonya Scarrow

    Executive Assistant & Senior Administrative Lead
  • Jacquee Somersall

    Manager, Human Resources
  • Christa Studzinski

    Manager, Research Programs
  • Sonia Sugumar

    Program Lead, Operations
  • Michelle Zheng

    Assistant Controller