OBI Public Talks 2023-24

Join us for three talks exploring Brain Health Basics

At OBI, knowledge translation is one of the key steps in bringing science and innovation back to the community.

We are always looking for ways to move lab experiments, clinical trials, and treatments beyond academic forums, and one such way is to speak directly to the public and engage them in the exciting advances that are happening in brain health.

Join our OBI Public Talk Series: Brain Health Basics

OBI’s 2023-24 Public Talks series, Brain Health Basics, offers simple, insightful and science-supported ways to support brain function in everyday life. Each talk will be offered in-person and via livestream.

1. Movement for Brain Health: Learn how to add daily movement to fit your lifestyle, and the benefits it has on your overall health and mental well-being.

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Moderator: Wency Leung, Health Reporter at The Globe and Mail

Date: June 22, 2023

Time: 6:00 PM EDT

2. Sleep and Relax for Brain Health: A healthy sleep routine looks different for each person. Learn how OBI and our partners are changing the way we study sleep, and how practicing mindfulness can help.

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Moderator: Dr. Krishana Sankar

Date: November 29, 2023

Time: 6:00 PM EST

3. Eat and Play for Brain Health: Listen to different perspectives on the importance of sharing a meal and how we can challenge ourselves to cook brain healthy meals on a budget.

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Moderator: Farah Qaiser

Date: March 26, 2024

Time: 6:00 PM EDT