OBI joins EIT Health

EIT Health, established as a ‘knowledge and innovation community’ of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), recently welcomed eight new partners to their community of practice. Uncharacteristically for EIT Health, whose primary aim is to foster innovation in Europe, three of the new members have their headquarters based outside the region - including the Ontario Brain Institute.

OBI has pursued this collaboration with EIT Health to enhance and expand upon the neuroscience research system in Europe.

Jean Marc, EIT Health CEO, shared: “As we continue to evaluate our value offering for our members, guaranteeing we remain competitive by forming relationships with those beyond Europe remains ever so crucial. Strengthening our international relationships mutually supports our innovators to reach new territories whilst opening up opportunities for us to share access to resources including new technologies, funding sources and research.

I’m therefore extremely pleased to welcome Ontario Brain Institute [and other partners] who all bring unique strengths to EIT Health that ensure our organisation continues to create solutions that matter."

Dr. Tom Mikkelsen, President and Scientific Director, Ontario Brain Institute, expressed: “On behalf of the Ontario Brain Institute, I am pleased to announce that we will be joining EIT Health to amplify our work to accelerate solutions that improve brain health. As a world-renowned knowledge and innovation community, EIT Health’s ethos is well aligned with that of our organization in that we are driving improvements in research and commercialization, as well as creating positive impacts for patients and their caregivers.”

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