Heather Chalmers Appointed as Ontario Brain Institute Board Chair

Dr. Tom Mikkelsen, President and Scientific Director of the Ontario Brain Institute (OBI), is pleased to announce the appointment of Heather Chalmers as the new Chair of the Board of Directors.

According to Dr. Mikkelsen, Ms. Chalmers brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to advancing brain health initiatives, serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer for GE Canada and President, Growth Markets for GE Vernova, a planned, purpose-built global energy company that includes power, wind, and electrification businesses.

Additionally, the OBI team is pleased to share that Sylvie Bove has accepted the role of Vice-Chair. Ms. Bove recently retired from her position as Vice President Health and Life Sciences at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, the country’s national research and innovation institute, where she led the strategy and focused activities within the area.

As part of this transition, Todd Vienneau, Susan Fitzpatrick, and Dominique Hussey, who have been integral to OBI's journey, will be retiring from their positions on the board. Their tireless dedication and visionary leadership have been instrumental in shaping OBI's growth and impact in brain health research and innovation. Their efforts have also contributed to securing renewed funding for OBI, including a significant commitment of $60 million over three years from the Government of Ontario. This funding enables OBI to continue operating within a learning healthcare system driven by data and neuroanalytics, prioritizing patient partners, advancing neurotechnology, and enhancing care for individuals affected by brain disorders.

"The Ontario Brain Institute owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Todd, Susan, and Dominique for their unwavering commitment and invaluable contributions," said Dr. Mikkelsen. "Their dedication has propelled OBI to new heights, and their legacy will continue to inspire us as we embark on this next chapter of growth and innovation."

Looking ahead, Ms. Chalmers expressed her optimism for the future. "I am excited to lead OBI at this pivotal moment. Together with Sylvie and our exceptional team, we will build on the foundation laid by our predecessors, driving advancements and fostering collaborations that will positively impact brain health worldwide."

Membership of the OBI Board will be further expanded with the addition of Vincent de Grandpré of Bennett Jones, Kevin Canning of Alexion Pharmaceuticals, and Ben Gallacher of Cannonball Capital. Their collective expertise will ensure that OBI remains focused on positioning Ontario as a world leader in brain research, commercialization, and care.

This changing-of-the-guard underscores OBI's commitment to fostering strong leadership and advancing its mission of improving brain health for all. Together, the OBI team and its partners are actively working to generate actionable clinical evidence and drive meaningful changes in care for individuals affected by brain disorders across healthcare and community settings.