New dataset to support concussion research

Today, the Ontario Brain Institute released a new dataset from the Concussion Ontario Network: Neuroinformatics to Enhance Clinical Care and Translation (CONNECT).

Gathered through CONNECT’s RECOVER (REaching patients with a COncussion Visiting the Emergency Room) study where ultra-early indicators of concussion in adults were used to predict persistent post-concussion symptoms, these meticulously curated data are now available on Brain-CODE, OBI’s state-of-the-art neuroinformatics platform.

The RECOVER dataset includes de-identified demographic information for 16 adults, neuroimaging data, and validated baseline clinical assessment scales related to mood, sleep, pain, balance, and quality of life as well as data from the 2-, 4-, and 12-week follow-up points.

As part of OBI's ongoing efforts to make data open and accessible, the data is a new resource available to the global research community to enhance our ability to diagnose concussion quickly and accurately to better manage symptoms over time.

Download the poster | Explore the dataset on Brain-CODE