Our Impact

Bringing Lab to Life. Together.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • 94%

    of all stakeholders found their engaging with OBI valuable

  • 89%

    of community organizations and companies said similar support would be difficult to access

Striving for Excellence

OBI strives to have a positive impact on the abilities and performance of their partners to make Ontario a world leader in brain research, commercialization, and care.

  • 93%

    Improved ability to secure investments for companies

  • 89%

    Improved ability to attract funding for researchers

  • 93%

    Improved ability to attract funding for community organizations

Collaborative Work

OBI advances research through team science by improving researchers' ability to facilitate scientific collaboration and by creating and promoting the Brain-CODE platform for data sharing.

  • 91%

    Design multidimensional research projects

  • 91%

    Conduct research with other researchers, clinicians, or international experts

  • 94%

    Submit papers for publication in refereed journals

OBI facilitates scientific collaboration on a scale no other entity has done before in our field. OBI helps us move research to policy and practice in a systematic way.

— OBI Researcher Respondent

Advancing Innovation

OBI invests in home-grown neurotech by improving companies' ability to:

  • 86%

    Develop technology

  • 90%


OBI is proactive about finding ways to assist us, with personnel, scientific collaborations, internships, investor introductions, and corporate partnerships. Our founding intellectual property was made possible through OBI's assistance.

— OBI Company Respondent

Prioritizing People

OBI supports person-centred research and care in communities by improving community organizations' ability to:

  • 94%

    Influence neuroscience related research & activities

  • 100%

    Increase the sustainability, scale, and/or spread of community-led programs through GEEK

  • 94%

    Collaborate with researchers

We are extremely grateful for the funding and profile we have received from OBI for our research. We are optimistic that this will influence public policy in the future.

— OBI Community Organization Respondent

Looking Ahead

OBI is incredibly proud of the work our partners have accomplished and looks forward to continuing to collaborate with existing and new partners in the years to come.

If you are interested in working with us, please check out our Open Call for Integrated Discovery Programs (IDPs). The open call design is based on four pillars of the IDP model, which include:

  • Clinical Research
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Patient Engagement and Integrated Knowledge Translation, and
  • Industry Partnerships.

These four pillars reflect the highly collaborative and integrative approach to research that we believe will help us realize impact faster.

Other opportunities can be found through our NERD, NERVE, and GEEK programs for companies and community organizations.