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Tech for Better Brain Health:

OECD: Responsible innovation in neurotechnology enterprises: This paper discusses the ethical, legal and policy questions surrounding novel neurotechnology initiatives that potential business models will have to address.

Epilepsy Ottawa and Novela Neurotech: This study is currently recruiting participants to try the nEureka smart device. The study will investigate users’ perceptions on the effectiveness of the device, and its impact on quality of life.

Ontario Neurodegenerative Disease Research Initiative HANDDS-ONT: This study is seeking participants for a virtual brain research study using wearables and innovative technologies to measure health and activity in the home and community.

OBI Portfolio Companies: Learn more about OBI's roster of neurotech portfolio companies.

The Brain Initiative: The Brain Initiative organization aims to advance research and understanding of the brain, and to develop effective methods to prevent, treat and cure brain disorders.

International Brain Initiative: The International Brain Initiative is a global collaboration effort to advance brain research and technology, sharing knowledge, and disseminate critical discoveries in brain health.

International Neuroethics Society - Essay Contest: The annual neuroethics essay contest aims to promote interest in neuroscience and neuroethics. It is open to all secondary school students, post-secondary students, and post-doctorate fellows.

BRAIN Initiative Challenge (US): The Brain Initiative Challenge is seeking essays or videos from US high school students on the limitations and implications of using technology for brain disorders and health.

Brain Awareness Week (US) - Dana Foundation: Founded by the Dana Foundation, Brain Awareness Week is an international campaign to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science. The next Brain Awareness Week will be held in March 2022.

OBI Blog Posts:

Grooming Entrepreneurial Talent: OBI has focused its resources on developing talent and making early strategic investments in key gaps through the commercialization pipeline to contribute to the development and sustainability of NeuroTech Ontario - a growing neurotechnology industry that will add value to the economy and play a crucial role in developing new health interventions.

Adapting to New Normals through Neurotechnology: As a major contributor to the development of Ontario’s Neurotech Cluster, our role is to help the people who help people. We do this by funding people with good ideas, and integrating their companies into an ecosystem of researchers, clinicians, industry partners, and patients to help their ideas take root and succeed.

Care in the Digital Age: OBI is committed to supporting activities that either generate the evidence to improve care or lead to the development of products and services that improve health outcomes. We’re striving to improve the lives of people with brain disorders and moving to digital or virtual approaches makes it easier to reach the 1 in 3 Ontarians in the comfort of their homes.

Partner Organizations:

Milken Institute

The LUCID Project

Dana Foundation

Mobio Interactive